Changing It Up; Bright Colors!

I’m a simple person.  I don’t have fancy furniture; I build functional pieces that have specific purposes. And, I keep my furniture because they have that function and sentimental value.  I built my bed 37 years ago when I couldn’t afford a bedroom set.  It is one piece of furniture that has 14 drawers, 8 cubbies, 3 storage spaces (for skis and equipment) and a huge space for luggage and quilts. I even need a step stool to get into it because it’s over 3-feet high!  Back in the 70’s, it even held a waterbed.  Yup! A waterbed…

After 20 years with the same upholstery, I changed it up with an expressionist twist of bright color strokes. I searched for this in every fabric and upholstery store in the Bay Area and Santa Cruz for months. I love the way it brightens the room and it makes me happy when I wake up in the morning.   Now I think I’m set for another 20 years!