College Options Still Available After May 1st

Even though you may feel like you’re stuck with the college that you accepted on May 1st, you still have options. If you’re one of the students who didn’t get into your #1 college, or even any colleges on your list, and you’ve conceded to head off to a college that you are not interested in attending, you can apply to other colleges and start this fall. One of the biggest misconceptions about the May 1st deadline to choose your future college is that this is only for selective colleges.

Remember, there are over 4,000 colleges here in the United States and only a tiny fraction of them are super selective.  There are over 400 colleges and universities that have openings, financial aid, and other perks available now.

Check out this website to see which colleges are accepting freshmen and transfer students at public and private universities:

If you’re still set on a specific college, consider taking a gap year to beef up your portfolio.  Be careful about taking college classes during this year because some colleges will require that once you take college courses after high school graduation, you’ll need to apply as a transfer student. 

You can also start at a community college and transfer into your dream college.  This is a great path to take if your high school grades were less than stellar. Most colleges will consider only coursework that you have taken at the community college, which gives you a new beginning with a clean slate!

If you’re not feeling comfortable with the college you’ve selected, reevaluate your options.  We can help you make the right choice.  Call 831.462.5655.