Food and the Gut

I’m concerned about the food we eat.  Everything from cheese, to meats, to oils, and grains contain irritants that cause inflammation. Even though I grow veggies in an aquaponics system and collect eggs from chickens on our property, my body is inflamed because it is reacting to the foods I eat. 

Decades ago, it was simply choosing between organic and non-organic veggies and fruit.  But today, our veggies are genetically modified (GMOs) so they grow bigger and can survive long hauls to grocery stores.  The animals we eat are raised in inhumane conditions where they can’t move and never see the outdoors. And our packaged foods contain over-processed ingredients with preservatives and chemicals so they can stay fresh on the shelves for decades. This can’t be good for our bodies.

I read a fascinating article “The Truth Behind All Those Gut Health Claims; No Alternative Facts Here.” 

It discusses how the digestive system affects every organ in our bodies and how what we eat affects our energy, immune system, mental agility, happiness, and skin.  My doctor just recommended that I cut out meat and dairy to cut inflammation and to better regulate my blood sugar.  

Sounds like we need to go back to eating food the natural way – the way they grow out of the ground.  Not sure about cutting out meat though!