Grad Student Mental Health

There’s a new Harvard study that reveals mental health issues faced by graduate students. Unlike undergraduate students who have resident assistants, preceptors, academic advisors and other support systems, graduate students are isolated without important safety nets in place. Only 27% of grad students who suffer from depression receive the psychological support they need. There seems to be a prevalence of depression amongst economics PhD students. Many feel lonely and isolated.

Because grad students are older than undergrads, they worry about finances, social support, and academic/career planning. Most undergrads receive financial support from their parents, but grads typically finance their education on their own. While their academic advisors oversee their programs, many grad students don’t feel comfortable discussing career options that lead to non-academic jobs, preparing for the job market, or reaching out about problems with other advisors.

There is so much uncertainty about market trends, future of jobs, climate change, and sustainability that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on higher education with the hope for a ROI is creating mental health issues for your youth.