Puppies Are 10 Months Old, But Have the Strength of a Small Army!

Taking our "puppies" for a walk is an upper-body workout – literally.  On Mother’s Day, Jaclyn, Alex, and I took Beckett, Jersey, and Radar to Pleasure Point for what we thought would be a casual stroll on beach.  Instead, we had to separate the pups because of their power play – and our exhaustion as we tried to get them to “heel.”  Yeah right… So much for our puppy training classes.

Then Michael brought his son Micha to visit and when Micha said, “SCARED!”, I could only image the fear he felt as 2 giant puppies ran down the driveway to greet him.  They still don’t know their strength or weight as they often miss their target and slam into us because they can’t stop in time.  Luckily for Micha, Rob and Michael were there to lift him out of harm’s way. 

While Beckett and Jersey are still getting used to their growing body masses, they are absolutely the sweetest dogs we’ve ever had.  They love to lean on us while we cook and come to us on command.  They’re well trained and they even stay off of our carpets; they’re allowed on hardwood floors only!