Puppies Are 10 Months Old, But Have the Strength of a Small Army!

Taking our "puppies" for a walk is an upper-body workout – literally.  On Mother’s Day, Jaclyn, Alex, and I took Beckett, Jersey, and Radar to Pleasure Point for what we thought would be a casual stroll on beach.  Instead, we had to separate the pups because of their power play – and our exhaustion as we tried to get them t

When is it OK to Give Puppies as a Present? (Almost) NEVER!

Rob and I got our first Golden Retriever 35 years ago – BC (before children).  Nugget was the best dog and he quickly became part of our family.  Over the next 3 decades, we had 2 more Golden Retrievers (MacGyver and Indy), and then, of course, we got Radar – Jaclyn’s pride and joy! I have to admit that when Radar went to PA with Jaclyn and Indy passed away, it was kind of nice to have the whole house to ourselves again.  We could take off without having to reserve a kennel or rush home to feed the dogs.  Ahhhh. Well, that was before this past weekend.

For our 34th anniversary last weekend, Jaclyn and Alex brought us delicious Indian food (my favorite!) for lunch.  As we sat down to eat lunch around our dining room table, Jaclyn walked in with a giant wicker basket with red and blue bows.  Waiting to politely dig into the lamb and other tasty treats, Jaclyn insisted that we open the gift right then before lunch.  I wondered why they brought picnic in addition to Indian food.  Then Rob said, “I think something is alive in there!”  At first I thought they brought an iguana or something small that could fit inside.  But, NOOOOOOOOO.

Jaclyn popped open the basket, and out jumped 2 adorable Black Labs. Yup!  She brought two 6.5-week-old PUPPIES as gifts for us.  WHO DOES THAT?  Rob, who has been yearning to have 2 Black Labs for years, grabbed the puppies and instantly fell in love with them.  He rolled on the floor like a 10-year-old boy.  Their fluffy faces and tiny body were so sweet and soft that even I couldn’t resist – even though I was in complete SHOCK.  Me, the person who orchestrates every detail in her life, suddenly had 2 puppies.  My 3-day weekend was filled with people installing carpet in my office, people laying a brick pathway to the orchard, and people helping me cut tree branches.  This weekend was the last before the new school year started and I had so much to do.

In a daze, I went to Pet Pals and Pet Smart to buy 5 pet gates, dog bedding, food, pee pads, chews, and everything we needed for TWO PUPPIES.  Yikes. I’m still in shock as I clean up pee on my hardwood floors. Yup, the floors that I used to shine so I could almost see my reflection in it.  But, no more shiny floors, no more spontaneous getaways, and no more peace. 

So if I were Miss Manners, I’d say NOPE to giving 2 puppies as a surprise gift.  But in Jaclyn’s defense, she knew I would take years to finally agree to get a puppy, and probably another decade before I’d agree to two.  Our property is ideal for big dogs and they’ll love living here.  She planned out the surprise with such attention to detail (Hmm. Wonder where she gets that from?) that it made the surprise that much sweeter.  And now I get up early to play with them; I love how everything is so new and exciting to them.  They make me smile and laugh, and they are so adorable.  So under certain circumstances, I guess it’s okay to surprise someone with 2 puppies… Thanks Jaclyn, Alex, and Nicole!

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