We're Running Out of Precious Helium!

We all love helium.  My college roommates would inhale helium in science labs and then do hilarious impersonations of Donald Duck.  We buy helium tanks to fill birthday balloons to create the festive ambiance at kids’ parties.  But according to astrophysicist Ethan Siegel, we will soon exhaust the world’s supply of helium. 

Although helium is the second most abundant element in the universe (hydrogen is #1), keeping it on Earth is difficult because it is the second lightest element.  This means that it is lighter than air – hence its levitation qualities that we love – so once released, it heads up to outer space.

Unfortunately for us, it takes hundreds of millions of years to produce helium by radioactive decay deep at the core of the earth.  In other words, if we don’t conserve helium soon, we will run out and won’t be able to produce it again within our lifetime. Helium is needed as a coolant for particle accelerators, MRI machines, superconductors, and other uses.

So don’t buy helium balloons for parties, graduations, or other celebrations.  Instead bundle balloons together creating a bouquet and hang them from the ceiling or attach them to rods as table decorations.


Kids4Hydrogen Offers Solution to 1 Billion Cars Spewing CO2 Into the Atmosphere

Sometimes the most obvious solutions are best discovered by our kids.  At Earth Day Santa Cruz, Hannah Faris debuted her plan to reduce CO2.  With ONE BILLION internal combustion engine (ICE) cars on the road worldwide, Hannah is proposing that we all convert our ICE cars so they can use either Metrol (liquid hydrogen and nitrogen) or gasoline (until there are Metrol pumps at every fueling station). 

Makes sense!  The earth is warming up and we’re fast approaching 2 degrees, and soon after 3 degrees – when life as we know it won’t exist anymore.  And as much as electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell cars are wonderful solutions, realistically it’ll be 100 years before they replace every ICE car on the planet. 

So what do we do with the ONE BILLION ICE CARS that are spewing CO2 every day?  We convert them!  By replacing spark plugs with Smart Plugs and adding a few minor devices to your existing engine, your cars will be able to use either Metrol or gasoline – with a flip of a switch!  At the cost of just a few thousand dollars that could be financed so nobody would have to dip into their savings, this conversion could take place in just a few hours.

So what is Metrol?  It’s a fuel that has net-negative emissions – which means that it actually cleans the air as you drive!  The really amazing part is that it is made from anything that rots or burns. They take the methane and pull out the carbon to make hydrogen.  This is where Metrol is different from biofuels.  By adding nitrogen (and other proprietary ingredients) to hydrogen, it creates a liquid hydrogen that can be stored at room temperature.  This is revolutionary.

Hannah is opening Kids 4 Hydrogen chapters across the US to share this amazing solution to our energy needs. She is just finishing a whiteboard video that will answers questions as she works with the developers to – well, save civilization.  Join the movement: www.Kids4Hydrogen.org and sign the waitlist for conversions.  It’s free and there’s no obligation.

We can’t rely on our government (don’t get me started!), corporate America, and even our own EPA.  So, join Hannah and the youth as they stand up to the oligarchy that runs our nation and create an infrastructure that will reduce CO2!

Earth Day Santa Cruz - Come Out To See Us!

If ever we needed the community – and country – to gather to find environmental solutions, it’s now.  Kids 4 Hydrogen will be there to debut Metrol and Smart Plugs.  Come learn about this fuel that cleans the air as you drive!  It’s made from anything that rots but it’s not a bio fuel because we remove the carbon – cool, right? No CO2! And, until the rest of the country (world) catches on, it’s also a flex fuel, which means that you can use gasoline with a flip of a switch!

The best part is that you don’t have to buy a new car.  You can convert your internal combustion engine (ICE) car by replacing your spark plugs with SMART PLUGS.  Yup! The conversion takes about the same time it takes to tune up your car.  Amazing. Come learn more about Metrol and Smart Plugs at our booth at Earth Day Santa Cruz.  We’ll be at San Lorenzo Park from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm.

Wondering About "Real" Information on Climate Change?

I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed with politics in our nation’s capital, which has made it more difficult to wade through the volumes of articles, blogs, and news about what’s really going on with climate change. 

If you live in Santa Cruz County or the San Francisco Bay Area, you might be interested in attending the Climate Science and Policy Conference 2017 at UCSC.  This year’s focus is on ACTING NOW TO SECURE A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE.  It’s on Friday night, Feb 24th and all day Saturday, Feb 25th up on the beautiful UC Santa Cruz campus. 

Registration is free!  Check out the list of speakers 

Hearing from professors from Stanford, George Mason University, UC Santa Barbara and UC Santa Cruz, and elected officials and government agencies should be entertaining.  Sometimes it’s best to hear from people who are actively engaged in research instead of the media.  Hope to see you there!

Ignore Naysayers and Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

In order for us to stop a fascist administration from bullying the nation with their profit-driven agenda, we must support the many groups who share our ethics and goals. When like-minded people or groups sabotage one another, they waste time and resources they need to save to plan and implement their mutual “big picture” agenda. The Republicans and corporations are masters at staying the course and creating plans to railroad their opposition.

Last weekend, I watched this happen once again.  A small group of people met to discuss plans to build a new energy infrastructure with the goal to set up timelines, committees, and outreach to launch their plans.  Instead, a few naysayers verbally attacked the group leaving everyone feeling hopeless.  Not one person joined any committees or volunteered to find solutions to our CO2 problem. The really infuriating part is that the naysayers didn’t even offer any solutions.  Whine, whine, whine. Let’s be honest here. It’s easy to question or put down ideas.  The real difficulty is in researching solutions and starting movements to create real change.

Lesson learned: Avoid negative people – they just bring you and other people down, and their sour energy spreads like a cancer. 

If we are to meet the guidelines set up by the Paris Talks in 2015, we have until 2025 to reduce our CO2 or we’ll face massive devastation due to the heating up of the planet by 1 or 2 degrees. Hello! It’s 2017 and we don’t have any solutions in place or even plans to reduce our CO2.  So, support those who do have ideas and help them turn these many ideas into viable solutions. 

Trump's First Energy Plan = Frack the Hell out of America!

While I have anticipated the worst scenario for Trump’s anti-Climate Change agenda, I was hopeful that he might consult the experts before moving forward on his campaign promises.  But that did NOT happen. In order to fund his promises of building roads, schools, and public infrastructure, Trump plans to do the unconscionable:

Claims = By getting rid these plans, increase American wages by $30 billion over 7 years.                
Reality = Trump is getting rid of energy regulations and giving oil, shale, and natural gas companies free reign to produce dirty, polluting energy.

2.FRACK America to get methane (natural gas) out of shale wells across the US
Claims = America has untapped domestic energy (our personal properties and federal lands!)
Reality = To get the methane, oil companies will drill thousands of wells using one million gallons of water with known chemical carcinogens in EACH WELL, destroying personal property and federal parks.  This will contaminate our drinking water. See Gasland.

3.Revive the COAL INDUSTRY in America
Claims = Trump says that mining coal is clean (seriously?) and the coal industry is hurting (good!).

Reality = There is no such thing as “clean coal;” it’s an oxymoron. Let's create American jobs building clean, sustainable energy, not dangerous and polluting coal energy!

4.Create ENERGY INDEPENDENCE by FRACKING for national security

Claims = Drilling for natural gas on our soil gives us independence from OPEC
Reality = We need to stop using oil, natural gas, and coal to mitigate Climate Change, and develop clean energy from hydrogen, solar, and wind.

It’s time to step out of our comfort zones and take action.  Call your senators to stop Scott Pruitt from heading the EPA and Rex Tillerson from becoming our Secretary of State.  Then, support energy reform.  I’ll be posting Kids 4 Hydrogen’s recommendation for an energy solution this week.  Curious?  Check out our website at www.Kids4Hydrogen.org to see a viable energy solution that can meet our pressing deadline to reduce CO2 within 10 years.

See the America First Energy Plan

Out of Nowhere: A Hydrogen Electric Big Rig

This is why I am proud to be American. American innovation is what is going to get us out of the hot mess we're mired in today. 

A new company called Nikola just announced that they will be building a Class 8 hydrogen electric Semi Truck.  To power these trucks, which are ZERO EMISSION, they are creating a hydrogen fuel cell and battery infrastructure that will span coast to coast.

The hydrogen will be produced using solar energy so it will be 100% clean, unlike hydrogen produced by steam methane reformation (oil companies).  This announcement is a huge surprise, and I bet the oil companies are flipping out!  Yes! 

We needed to hear some good news, and the Nikola One Hydrogen Fuel Cell Semi-truck sounds like a bold step towards energy independence and CO2 reduction.  

What a Few Kids are Doing About Climate Change

There’s nothing better for lifting your spirits than to spend the day with brilliant students who are on a mission to solve arguably the world’s biggest problem: climate change. 

The Kids 4 Hydrogen team toured 3 labs in Silicon Valley to select the best lab to build their Smart Plugs and hydrogen production equipment.  Yup, they’re starting the process to get the job done.  They’re working with Dr. Roy McAlister who has invented a spark plug that will convert an internal combustion engine (ICE or gasoline-powered vehicle) to be a flex fuel engine that runs on Metrol, liquid hydrogen (with nitrogen), or gasoline.  It’s what the students claim is the best, and only, solution that they’ve found that we can implement now to reduce CO2 and our planet’s warming within 10 years -- before it’s too late.

So what will Kids 4 Hydrogen do?

The kids plan to make a prototype of Dr. McAlister’s Smart Plug.  Their goal is to demonstrate to the world that our ONE BILLION ICE cars on the road today can be converted to use Metrol to completely stop ALL CO2 from being emitted from every car’s tailpipe.  They know that in 10 years that there will not be enough electric or hydrogen fuel cell cars on the road to reduce any significant amount of emissions because hundreds of millions of ICE cars will continue to spew CO2 into the atmosphere.  Kids are beautiful because they aren’t bought out by big oil companies and they can see the easiest and cleanest solutions as a result.

How can you help?

Help fund their prototype and sign up to convert your car.  They’ll soon have their updated website with information on how to get on a wait list.  This is something you can do.  It costs nothing to get on the wait list and you’ll be privy to the latest developments. Check out www.Kids4Hydrogen.org.

Still Afraid of Hydrogen? Check This Out.

Scared of H2?Watch this short video to dispel the myth that hydrogen is dangerous!

My good friend David Vasquez just released this timely film on the safety of hydrogen. 

Now that climate change is clearly on the table for discussion about alternative energy, learn the truth about hydrogen.  When produced by solar or wind, it is the cleanest fuel source available.  It has zero carbon emissions and unlike batteries (for electric cars), there are no toxic chemicals and no worry about disposal at the end of the life. 

Watch this short 4-minute video so when you think hydrogen, you think clean, sustainable energy, and you stop thinking Hindenburg (explosion was NOT caused by hydrogen) and the hydrogen bomb (energy is a chemical reaction, not nuclear!). 

The sooner we move to a hydrogen economy, the better chance we have to slow carbon dioxide’s negative effects.


Countdown to Sat, Apr 23rd: Your Car Type Matters!

You’re probably wondering why I’ve dedicated a whole week to Logan Conover’s WHEN, NOT IF… campaign.  He’s a passionate young 17-year-old student who hopes to get the world on board to reduce our CO2 emissions.  With over a billion internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles on the road today, something has to give… So if you drive a gas guzzler, consider good alternatives. 

Electric motors are far superior to internal combustion engines on several levels:

  1. Electric motors don’t have any emissions; ICE are the cause of 20% of our CO2 problems
  2. Electric motors don’t have moving parts: fewer repairs and maintenance!
  3. Electric motors can be powered by batteries or hydrogen
    1. Batteries have to be charged by power plants that use fossil fuels… (terrible)
    2. Batteries have toxic chemicals that cause problems at the end of life (terrible)
    3. Solar hydrogen is produced through electrolysis using sustainable sun power (great)
    4. Black hydrogen is produced using steam methane reformation (Oil companies) (terrible)

It’s time to rethink what kind of vehicles we drive and make smart choices.  Check out www.Kids4Hydrogen.org to learn more about how clean hydrogen will help to reduce CO2. You can also take mass transit, ride your bike, walk, or carpool.

Remember, it’s just 2 days until WHEN, NOT IF’s… big day!  Don’t drive your car on Saturday, April 23rd!  Then, go to Logan’s website at www.WhenNotIf.org to log in your stats.  He’ll show how a grassroots effort started by a teen, can make a difference.  Join him in helping to ward off Climate Change!


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