Puppies Are 10 Months Old, But Have the Strength of a Small Army!

Taking our "puppies" for a walk is an upper-body workout – literally.  On Mother’s Day, Jaclyn, Alex, and I took Beckett, Jersey, and Radar to Pleasure Point for what we thought would be a casual stroll on beach.  Instead, we had to separate the pups because of their power play – and our exhaustion as we tried to get them t

Puppies Update!

So it’s been 5 weeks since we’ve become owners of TWO 11-week old puppies. 

If you missed that blog, check it out here. I’ll have to admit that it did take me a few days – weeks – to adjust to having an equivalent of 2 infants without any warning or preparation. But, I forgot how wonderful it is to be greeted by happy pups as they race and fumble with wagging tails towards you every time you enter the room. 

And it’s fun to teach them little tricks because they learn so fast and they’re so eager to please. I think my favorite part is cuddling with them because they just love to be held, and I know this is a short-lived activity considering that they’re a black lab and German Shepherd mix.

Puppy Saga: Are Sibling Pups a Bad Idea?

Puppy SiblingsIt’s been exactly a week since we got our 2 puppies, although it feels like a month!

I usually do extensive research about everything before taking bold steps like adopting TWO PUPPIES, but as you all know, it was a surprise gift from our kids.  After reading volumes of pet training guides that flat-out state that you shouldn’t adopt sibling puppies or any 2 puppies at the same time because it causes all kinds of social and psychological problems for them, we are now really torn about what to do. 

Professional dog trainers all warn against adopting more than one puppy at a time.  Apparently, the puppies bond to one another and not to humans. As they get older, they don’t play well with other dogs because they consider them threats.  The siblings dogs often fight themselves and establish what I call their own “pecking order.” 

For those pet owners who brave raising 2 sibling pups, the experts recommend separating them during feeding, training, playing, and sleeping for the first 12-14 months so they can each develop a relationship with us humans.  It also gives each pup a year to develop their own personalities without being bullied by the alpha dog.  But, this now requires twice as much time! 

Now that Rob’s retired, he does have more time.  But I’m working a bazillion hours a week running my businesses and doing another gazillion projects.  We’re both still wondering what would be best for the pups, and for us.  It would break Jaclyn’s heart if we gave one of the pups to a new owner so we have some difficult decisions to make.  If it were a year and a half later (after her residency and fellowship), Nicole would probably be ready to adopt a pup.  Radar, Jaclyn’s 16-year old dog, doesn’t like the puppies and she’s sensitive to his needs so she can’t take one of them either. 

I’m open to suggestions!  Does anyone have any tips for us?

Puppy Sibling Collage

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